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Slow fashion that withstands the test of time

Just Harry is a sustainable fashion brand which is ALL about the denim. Focusing on the deconstruction and reconstruction of pre loved denim jeans. Creating a collection of jackets, accessories and a small kids range.

I’m Harriett, Fashion Designer and founder of Just Harry, and I’m lucky enough to call Northumberland my home. I had a creative upbringing, with my grandad being a water colour artist, whom I spent many hours painting and drawing with, which instilled my passion for the arts and design.

After attending Newcastle College where I did my foundation diploma, I went on to study Fashion Design and Realisation at Leeds College of Art where I graduated with a first class honors degree. It was during my years at college and at university that I found a real exploratory spirit in working with pre-existing garments and material products. I loved the process of taking something apart and reconstructing it into something new, while at the same being able to use original components from the garments within my own designs, meaning that each piece was totally unique.


Just Harry began in the living room of a shared house in Clapham Junction down in London. I never intended on starting my own business, I was in London looking for internships or any form of job within the fashion industry. I ended up interning with a shoe company called Miista (Definitely worth checking these guys out by the way) while working in retail in Urban Outfitters.

The Patchwork Denim Jacket that started it all was only ever meant to be a jacket that I made for myself. I wore it out to events, to work and just anywhere I went really. I got lots of compliments on the jacket, and people asking me where I got it from. To be able to answer them with ‘I made it’ was such a great feeling and from this I was asked to do a couple of commissions for friends and colleagues. It was my housemate at the time who suggested that I should set up a shop on ASOS Marketplace, so I began to investigate.

The requirement to be on ASOS Market place was a minimum of 15 different designs, which spurred me on to create a small collection of jackets and accessories. Alongside this I was also doing markets to get my designs and brands name out there.

I then stumbled upon The Prince’s Trust who help young people between the ages of 11-30 to get into jobs or start their own businesses, they also run a course which helps young entrepreneurs start up their business with the help of mentors. * I participated in the Princes Trust entrepreneurial programme, which helped me learn instrumental knowledge for my start up business.


As a kid I always used to get called Harry, which I hated as I thought it was a boys name, and I always used to spell it with and ‘ie’ instead. As I’ve grown up, Harry (with a ‘y’) also grew on me. It was a name I became attached to because all my family and closest friends would call me by it. So, when coming up with a brand name it seemed rather fitting. I wanted Just Harry to be gender fluid brand and spelling it with a ‘y’ rather than an ‘ie’ did exactly this, I felt spelling it with a ‘y’ took the femininity away from the logo and it became more illusive. You wouldn’t believe how many people assume that I am a male.